About us

Since 2009, Metchib offers mineral processing services such as: operators training, demonstration and pilot plant, bench scale testing and consulting. These services are offered to mining and exploration companies, engineering firms, school board, etc.


Jonathan Lapointe, Eng


Mathieu Paquet, Eng
VP Metallurgy



Mission, Vision and Values

Our mission is to provide a worldwide recognized service in mineral processing. For several years now, Metchib provides a superior, courteous and personalized service and maintains a relationship based on trust with its clients. The following values guide each of our actions:

  • Commitment

Our employees feel concerned by each of our customer’s problematics and always work with conviction to resolve them.

  • Well-being of our employees

We believe that the well-being of our employees is critical for business development and proper operations. Thus, we are always working to provide a stimulating work environment to every employee.

  • Integrity and transparency

We act with integrity at all times in order to earn and maintain the trust and respect of our customers. On request, it is possible for our customers to assist metallurgical testwork on their ore.

  • Professionalism

We require our employees to have the highest ethical standards in their work.